Unknown Reaches

A primal scream is building
welling up from somewhere deep inside
Let loose, its echoing might
fill the world wide
with the intensity
of all that lies behind it

I looked into the mirror today
This time I really looked
and I saw a stranger
looking back at me

Blue-gray eyes
with glints of silver light
that softly glowed
as if a beam descended from the moon
shining out now from some inner skies
of night that long to play within the day

and looking in
I swear I saw
a cosmos looking back at me
so that now I ponder
what it means to be
at all

when a memory of simpler days
plays as if across a screen
of days when life would stream
with love and childlike fantasy
and I wonder how it is
that we dream ourselves awake
even as we take
these dreams for granted

How is it that I see
so much that others cannot see?
and feel
so deep and true
the very wake of their imagining

Is this the reason I exist?
to find the words that gently kiss
their cares away
or could it be
that I need to reach beyond
this sense that their unknowing spawns
to find eternity completes itself
in one alone
that dares the unknown reaches
of all life . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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