Unknown States

This sound of silence
echoes in my ears
and I strain to hear
just what it has to say
and yet above those empty waves
of white noise that refuses
to quite abate its droll and yet innate
and seemingly unending symphony
I hear your voice
and all that I have ever been responds
in waves of love that span the shores
of all that ever was

and so I wait
just clinging to
the feeling of no more
than just precarious
and ill-advised adherence
staking all I am on only this
one feeling of the ever-changing mood
of love that is much more than real
yet lives and breathes
beyond all time and space

and this love we share
expands beyond the known
and knowing attitudes of mind
and reaches for a harmony
that simply must replace
this silence sung
in all unknowing states
of mind's division
for intellect alone will never do
unless our heart strings play
right through the all and everything
that lovers always know this love to be

Unknown, the reach
or state of utter clarity
of love that spans
the whole of all eternity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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