They take a vow
to love each other evermore
and to be true
or so a piece of paper says
the yellowed edges curling

It lies in a forgotten drawer
beside the dreams
they never quite
could make come true

A match would be more merciful
swift, the death of lies
that simply cannot be redeemed
for promises of long ago
have already turned to ash
yet few are brash enough
to live the truth

even as the truth is building
way down deep inside
beneath the many alibis
and habits that imbue a life
with death

Where is the love
that spoke such volumes
of pure poetry?
What good are those
mere words whose echo
dissipated long ago?

while all we need to know
waits in shadowed silence
within a heart that beats
its way towards love's completion

But still, they struggle and they strain
against the promise that would tame
this love that must flow free to be
unwilling yet
to take the step that matters

Yet parting is the sweetest sorrow
once we come to see tomorrow
as a new beginning of an end
that simply must continue on

awaiting nothing more
than just one other heart
to open and to close in sync
with love that beats
the rhythm of it all . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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