Untamed Hearts

and just as I think this love must end
a message comes, by magic sent
and love from you floods through my being
loosing sadness, once more freeing

the flow of energy within
as my world is felt to spin again
and hope arises, yet once more
of destiny and evermore

What magic love can bring to bear
as across the worlds we share
this love that must be heaven-sent
creating bridge of swift ascent

to realms of highest vision known
where seeds of love are planted, grown
by angels tending every need
that tree may grow from tiny seed

with branches reaching for the sky
as once again, we fly
and love descends to raise us up
to offer golden chalice, cup

of nectar sweet as lover's smile
as I discover all the while
my body moved away, you stayed
within my heart, connection made

by mind and spirit, body, soul
connecting us within the whole
that lives through all infinity
Our love will always be...

and faith returns
as the fire burns
brighter now
as love somehow

travels through this time and space
that tried to separate the grace
of you and I and true love's call
it doesn't matter, rise or fall

this love is destined to remain
in the rhythm of our hearts untamed...

Copyright 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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