Untamed Grief

Swallows soared above the hordes of people
gathered in funereal attire
for death had invaded
their minds and their moods once again

A little girl feeling lost and afraid
stood in her best Sunday dress
wondering what this was all about
and why no one would cry
when there was so much sorrow all around

yet she'd seen her grandpa
lying there as if asleep
with peace writ cross his face
where only days before
his pain was more than she could bear

and she simply couldn't understand
this awful, awesome, solemn mood
that made her insides ache
as if some part of her
were turning inside out

but then she saw the swallows soar
and decided to take flight
into that light and airy realm
where wind sang such enchanting melodies

until her mother took her by the hand
in silent sorrow, leading her away
from that open grave
where yet untamed pure grief
lay unattended . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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