Imagine this
a moment, just an instant
of a vast experience
shocking first, these waves
of such intense duration
that sound becomes the density of form
and they move each particle they touch
while change is born
Such is the power of vibration

A momentary movement of expression
an utterance brought forth
and thus allowed to be
in a vibration of significance
from deeper realms of sublimation
as sound becomes an incantation to be lived
and if we dare to name it true
thus we make it real
this energy that moves and makes us feel

An utterance
that can reveal answers
to each question now arising

One word now being shaped
within a matrix of all mind
sustained and then sustaining
harmonizing while remaining
sameness in these ever-changing
forms of its endurance

One touch becomes the feel
of all the world come alive
new and known, while old and grown
within a tone of one alone
that at once is every one

Yet this one word alone will never do
unless its spoken true
from depths of heart and mind and soul
from deep within this form we know
centered movement reaching
the circumference of our being
and allowed to move beyond

where reaching out it finds a bond
in another tone so pure
it takes all breath away
to respond and then become
the intake of a harmony
singing in the all of one
while what is spun
creates the very love we need to carry on

as we become aware of realms
invisible to mortal eye
and still we seek
and always will we find
another path to travel
another thread we must unravel
and yet another word to speak
within the chord of all creation

as the tone, the hum
this base vibration
becomes a symphony
of life and all eternity's
expression . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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