Utter Bliss

Gently now, he lay her down
upon a sheet of morning dew
just as the sun
came shining through
the sparkling leaves of green

'Twas in a secret glen
deep within the forests
that have grown beyond all time
and at the very moment
that the sun reached out
to touch her skin
gently he disrobed her
and whispered with the wind
to just absorb the feel
of her sweet love becoming real

He touched her tenderly
and kissed her where
the sun had never dared
to shine before
as he drank the sweet elixir
of her flow

and then he rose
beneath the sun
even as he penetrated
to the depths containing
every mystery conceived
within these needs
of utter bliss and her . . .

? Michaelette?

Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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