Vagrant Tears

When all is said and done
what did we really have?
Can we even call it love?
Perhaps it started out that way
for we sailed the skies
but only for a few short days
and now it seems more like
it was dependency at play
far cry from the support that we all need

A transference of pain
What could we hope to gain
by its continuance?

This pain will not resolve itself
when it moves between us
in cycles never-ending
while either one of us pretends
that's it's all right
yet still at night, within my dreams
you come to me and thus demean
this sacred place with schemes
of base survival

yet we both have gone beyond survival
have we not?
and once the wisdom's gained
there is no going back
to sedentary states of our unknowing
or numbness of unfeeling

and I wonder what it is you seek
as you grasp your past so tight
even when your past is where
the pain began

and there within a dream
you stood behind me
at the top of a great hill
grasping all the many things
you didn't need
and never stopped to heed
the warning signs
or harm behind
your never letting go

Even in my dream
I felt so drained of any energy
I could not stand
for the wounds invoked
refused to heal

and as you stood there
with your many things in hand
I glided down the hill
while you, the promised guide
just stood and stared
for no matter your stride
there was no longer a way
for you to catch up

Yet if only you'd freed
just one hand to reach out
to support me when I needed you
the swift descent would never have to be
but instead you stood there grasping
all these things unto your chest
and watched blank-faced
as speed increased
and carried me away from you

So when all is said and done
what did we really have at all?
but the rise and then the fall
of promises unkept
and vagrant tears that wept
themselves away


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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