Worlds colliding
light and thunder
gods deciding
to tear life asunder
with earth and air
and wind and fire
mountains flared
the sun grew tired
and slept
through day and night and day
and kept
the mighty power at bay

That dared to tilt
the earth and sea
as flower wilts
the broken trees
uprooted, chose
 to take to flight
and rivers flowed
right out of sight

While wave
of seismic height and power
as gods while great men cowered.

the word was echoed, lost
too soon
entire cities tossed
then earthquake
ripped apart the land.

Did God forsake
with fearsome hand...?
his chosen
children trying hard
struck by flying shards
of hurling comet.
cosmic dust
 of brightest red
on earth was thrust.

Divinityís warfare
destructive explosions;
did gods really dare
such attack and erosion
upon the mother
of them all
this earth, no other
stood still, stalled;

Melting mountains
fiery thieves
lava fountained
earthís crust heaved.

Coming close
to mortal blow
the dragon rose
from far below
the level where
mere men reside

Look up!  Look there!
the dragonís hide
and then the talons pierced
the gods of old
like lightening fierce.

And so,
Valhalla came to pass
and lo,
the old gods time was past

As the war
wound down and ceased
who would mourn
the life deceased?

remembered, seen
brings wisdom keen

that warns
against the battles fought
the wisdom comes if sought

the best of all our dreams
flow of golden stream

if we but stop the battles waged
receive the love that stage by stage
rejoins extreme opposing parts
and with time, revives our hearts


? Michaelette ?

Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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