they feed upon a mind
attacking like the basest thief
within the dark of night
while claiming high relief
of power they have preordained
to find another victim

then they sink into
the shadowy depths
just as the sun begins to rise
to brighten and to clarify
this life

But intimate
and oh, the thrill
of that moment's ecstasy
when all that we might be
is given up
surrendering to powers
ever greater than our own

when even as our very life
seems to seep away
a new and greater force arises
to bring its glow
into this night of day
and lead the way
to ever winding
other paths of being

yet even vampires can be kind
for in death
they bleed our fear away
and take the pain
of all our memories
into themselves
while in return
they share the might
of their immortal power

but oh, the price they pay
as they lie in darkness in the day
and come to know and feel
the pain they have imbued
in shadowy realms
of others' yesterdays


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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