Vast Confusion

It seems as if I'm coming out
of a spell that had been cast
as more and more
my mind becomes my own again
and I wonder if the time will ever come
when I can truly say I've found
the one I am

The cobwebs now are flying free
in stormy skies of air that's free
to twist and turn and set me free
but free for what
and from what feeling?

This I cannot tell
for my head is reeling
unfocused and now out of sync
for all I thought was true
when you said you loved me too
seems perilous at best right now
amid the complications
of the greater systems
that they call society

and I rise now as I fall
in this state of great disharmony
seeking for an answer to it all
when silently, I hear your call
and answer, even if this love
can only be a matter of
another spell of blind belief

yet still I must conceive a way
to bring this love
to all reality
for my spirit and my soul
still tell me love and love alone
will e'er relieve
this sense of vast confusion . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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