View of Immortality

She stands there
straight and tall in all equality
with adoration rising to the fore
while a prolific view of all that is
just seems to overwhelm her senses

Then a tone begins to enter in
of angel voices softly singing
on currents of the wind
that begin an endless chanting
as she opens wide her eyes
in totality of soul's perception
to a glory of pure majesty

Slowly, surely, rhythmically
this tone becomes a silvery hue
of stars and moon
descending with the dew
to moisten every natural growth
and quench the heat
of summer's fiery sun

as pure elemental wonder
is added to the mix
and titanium explodes the myths
of an alchemy that sought for only gold
while the sun, the stars, the moon
the very planets are aquiver
in this one moment of eternity

for universal tides are rearranging
all that is and yet will come to be
because she dared and finally gained
this view of immortality
here within these realms of mortal form . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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