Vision of a Raindrop

The storm is coming to an end
after days of wind and clouds and rain
penetrating these, the plains of earth

The sun is finally breaking through again
as one last and lasting raindrop falls
here upon the spectacles through which I see
to cling for one eternal moment
in this history of life that writes itself

and in that very instant
a ray of sun reached out
to beam right through this moisture's depth
and this drop of rain became no more, no less
than just a glorious rainbow bridging
a diffusion of the views of all of life
caught within a form of eye's awareness

an instance that awareness
now can come to understand
as a universal holograph of kaleidoscopic vision
unfolding and enfolding in its waves of variation
each particle, each scene of its creation

All within the vision
of one drop of rain
that dared to fall
and let itself be seen
in its entirety . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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