And So I Wait

And so I wait
as I have waited for so many years,
seeming lifetimes.
I know you
yet I know not where you are
or what keeps you from me

Once, we loved
(Was it lifetimes ago?
It seems like only yesterday)
Strong and true
as if nothing could come between us
but now time and space
are faceless enemies hiding you
in the enormity of their being

And so I wait
as I sense you on the ethers
aloof and outward seeking
enclosed in worldly dreams

And I feel
the loneliness inside you
denied and locked away
and I watch
as you seek love in strangers’ faces

That’s how I know
the sadness
beneath your laughter
The emptiness
within your life so full
Will you ever turn and truly see me?

As more than a glimpse of shadow
out of the corner of your eye
And touch me
gentle and real –
as real as the feathery tingles
that run up your spine
when I call your name

I wait
with what patience I can find
or none – the longest nights of all,
when longing is all there is
infinitely unsatisfied

Perhaps today,
eternal hope of mine,
I will turn and find your eyes upon me
or on some starlit night,
spring breeze playing with your hair,
and I will run into your open arms

At times I think I see you
in the light of someone else’s eyes
and tense in anticipation,
willing the fuller recognition to come,
as it once did
when my world was born in your eyes
and we shared everything

No mystery too complex to unravel
no wound too deep to heal
a love so strong, so sweet –
it transformed the world around us

But now my heart echoes
the lonely rhythm of one
This longing –
is it all that is?

And so I wait
As I have waited for so long

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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