Waiting for the Sun

What am I feeling?
What is this pain?
that runs through my being
again and again

Would despair describe
the feelings inscribed
by my soul in this rush
of emotion?

Yet the silence, the hush
is confusing

I know what I want
I know what I need
yet no matter what I do, it seems
the love I need cannot be had

a love that touches, flesh on flesh
from one dear man whose life will intermesh
with mine
I hear a lonely church bell chime

to describe this feeling
more poignantly
than mortal ever could

a plea, a prayer, a cry
and the wind responds in a gentle sigh
as if to say "I know
I feel it too…"

Then what am I to do?
if not respond
with a cry and a sigh of my own
and go on
waiting for the sun
to rise again…


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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