Was it love or make-believe?
the experience was real
how is it that you made me leave?
how do you think that made me feel.?

and how and why would you discard
what all the world is looking for?
just to keep the status quo
how could you stop the flow
perhaps it's best I never know

yet I miss you

There is a dull, aching emptiness
inside of me
in that place where you belong

No matter what or who
I try to fill it with
it refuses be filled

So I reach deep down inside myself
to see what I might see
to find the cause of this heaviness of heart
and emptiness of soul

only to find
another heart within my heart
and I know it is of you somehow
I know
and I wonder how to set it free
or if I should

But it beats out of rhythm with mine now
How can I not let it go?
and I wonder if the emptiness
will overwhelm me if I do

One lost little heart
out of rhythm, out of tune
and so, with all the love that I can find
I set you free
to be

and all that I can do is pray
for the strength
to do it right

Copyright 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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