Waves Upon the Shore

At times the ocean waves
come crashing to the shore
to overwhelm all in their wake
and yet on calm, clear days of autumn
as nature slips into the dreams of sleep
when the tide is moving out
the waves tickle my toes in delight

while my heart and spirit soar
o'er whitecaps gleaming
ever dreaming
of the unity of day and night

and I long to take a dive
into the deep and endless sea
to ascend into eternity
where high and low become as one
when in the dark of night, the sun
enlightens and enlivens everything
bringing all the best of dreams
into reality

where spirit breaks in waves upon
the shores of evermore
while ocean's energy once more will swell
and in their endless story tell
the tales of all of life


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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