To Weave a Dream

Weave of ever, in moments of time
magic enchantment of body and mind
a link in the chain of a greater dream
of the source of the infinite stream

The magic only fades when unattended
in a busy world that would avoid the spell
as autumn grown from summer newly ended
brings the peace of turning seasons now to quell

the heart that beats too loud, too fast
in the chest of those who cling to a past
that needs, for now and ever, to be freed
from the prison of the poor mind's poverty

as the pain of heart and soul now ending
allows the stream of life now sending
love to every particle of being
engendering a brand new way of seeing

as ties that bound become the thread of weave
in a pattern that allows each one to leave
the prisoned life of chains that bind
the heart and soul and mind behind

Emotions blending in the stream
create the fabric of love's dream
and generate the wings to fly
within the earth, within sky

The pain of love is truly its rebirth
sent down from heaven, living now on earth
and then, in flight, to take another's hand
to co-create the ever promised land

where man and woman live in harmony
enhancing song of morning's symphony
So take my hand, we'll fly this day
to unknown realms where angels play

And gather, one unto each other
reflecting hues of every color
as patterns form within the light
creating new stars in the night

that ever more might open up to see
the truth within the possibility
of unity, diverse and ever growing
and come to find the knowledge that is blowing

in winds of time across the earth
in this millennium of soul's rebirth

Copyright 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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