Wedding Bells

Wedding bells ring out on high
a symphony of bliss is nigh
in ever building melodies
and chords of utter unity

One ring of gold
one diamond, centered
sparkling with joy
in pristine hues
of love's deliverance

Angels ringing round
this intimate and sacred space
as everlasting love is now
unbound between just two
that are as one
yet stand upon their own two feet

They sing aloud in rhapsody
in pure unending streams
of love that moves
just naturally
through every living thing

For we are one
one heart that beats
in sync with all that is
as this bliss becomes
a kiss that lasts
through all eternity

A vow, one vow
becomes reality
spoken now aloud
to love forevermore
no more than this
and wedding bells
peal out in joyous harmony

as through just two
in wholeness unconcealed
the universe is healed
within one sound
and then the feel
of love unbound
again from all restriction
choosing once again to just fly free
and come back home to thee
forevermore . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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