We Have a Right

We have a right to life
beyond our family strife
to follow the potential there
beneath the masks we wear

to search and find a peace of mind so sweet
the endless tapes that mind repeats
just fade away
as we awaken to a brand new day

We have a right to happiness
and a love that brings eternal bliss
into reality
and turns it into creativity

We have a right to share
and more, we have a right to care
in gentle touch of flesh on flesh
to take the time to intermesh

for the outer world is our reflection
and whole is the only perfection
Listen, hear the rhythm's beat
feel and know the source of heat

that moves beneath the same old songs
in undercurrents beating strong
in rhythm with the heartbeat of the earth
that creates in innocence the worth

of who we are
and there, another star
shines brighter from afar
as the moon imparts

the worth of hearts
that love . . .


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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