We Love

We love
and we become
each other's strength of being

We care
and comfort comes
to be the norm

We move, we breathe
and instinct enters in
for life and breath
are coming into motion now

Our minds reach out
to come to know an other
unbelievable at first
yet more and more becoming real
as our awareness
of each other grows

and here we meet
at depth of cell
in active receptivity
even as our spirits
soar at heights of dreams

The best of dreams
now forming into visions
of all this love can mean
while dreams become aware
of their very own potential

seeking only this, this bliss
of reality in flesh and form
for their attainment
and embodiment

but this time with a twist
for this time we must love
in all awareness
and just when all
seems said and done
if we so wish
just simply wish for Love
with all our hearts

Love will respond at every level
as we rise anew to fall in Love again
in cyclic fashion now
within a cool, yet ever-burning flame
forever changed by Love
and Loving ways . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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