We Move Infinity

Why would you love me?
How could you stand
the reprimands
of what I have been living?
Scorned for every difference
that leads me on to be
a grand uniqueness
in the matter of it all.

No label will adhere -
not even that of crazy poet
not here, not anymore
for it seems I've gone beyond
the shore of any sanity
and live for only thee
and thee alone
within this crazy atmosphere
that only overwhelming flows
of love will bring.

I reach, I stretch, I scream to no avail
for all I really need is you
and you alone
for this love we share,
somehow it centers me
beyond the shadows of distraction.

While every other action now conceived
proves to be no more than falsity
a mask that must be tossed away
before the dawn of day
will truly come.

For you and I are one
beyond all sense of boundaries
and yet beyond all scenes
of mere imagination
or any fascination known
to lure or cure
another's wayward heart.

And you and I,
we need to be
touching close
as flesh to flesh
we move infinity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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