What Can Be Known

What do you really know of me?
beyond this poetry I write
except perhaps that flight for me
can become a touch of true reality
for time and space
are really an illusion of the mind

Have you ever stepped beyond?
that's all - just stepped beyond
to find yourself entirely
transposed and thus transported
to a place that thoughts of space
can deem no more
than mere impossibility
or had another tell you
that they felt and saw you there
and knew your touch as true

Have you ever wished?
and so deeply desired
to be at one with just one other
that the fires of the heart
expanded out to reach
and touch and love
and thus to know
this union as reality

yet this wishing
and this being
in two places all at once
demands much more
than once upon a time
or fantasies of mind
or even magic once conceived as real
and a price must be paid for every stage
of love left incomplete

for all the many levels
of the life of all reality
become just one as love is spun
in focused dreams
that find reality completed
in the one and only moment
that we become this love
that flies so free
upon each breeze
and flying, finds its home
within this flesh . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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