What Can Love Be?

What is love . . . ?
if not a pure reflection
of the multi-faceted dimensions
of our soul,
imbedded in each cell
of flesh we are.

Souls that join in intimate
pure bliss of our totality
and in their daring union
begin to comprehend
how much more they are
and they can be together
than anything that one alone
might e'er imagine.

What is love . . . ?
if not sometimes the agony
of doubt that rears its ugly head
within a guise of individuality,
separating and dividing,
in desperation seeking,
again for what once was
that in past brought feelings
of our safety and security
we seem to find no more.

What is love . . . ?
if not this change impending
in dire need of its reality
that frees a heart to live
at last, in unimpeded ecstasy
beyond the fantasy
of yours and mine
or any other gross division
of all that needs
to be made whole again
if ever evolution hopes to carry on.

What can love be . . . ?
if not the feel of free
as newness enters in
within a touch, a feel, a blush
becoming past and future
all through this experience
of nothing less than total bliss
that lives through all eternity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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