What Could Have Been
(the trials of a loveless marriage)

How many of your feelings
have I suffered through?
How many more should I endure?
when the one and only thing
I know for sure is this
I search for love
a love that's true

The kind of love that would endure
through the trials of life and time
when feelings overwhelm
the fragility of mind
and I would share this all with you
but the one thing I must never do
is to feel them all for you

yet in constant influx somehow still
you send them all to me
until I flee your touch
that meant so much in days gone by

before the lies broke through
your fragility of truth
and love became no more than shame denied
as you danced your dance of alibis
and tried so hard to cover over
the feelings that would smother
both our hearts

So tell me this
when was it that the alibis
turned into nothing more than lies
that stood between
what could have been


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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