What Used To Be

Once we slept
entwined down to the toes
and oh, the rest and healing
that we achieved

Once we loved
without intrusion
knowing that our love
was strong enough
to see us through

Once we kissed
oh, sweetest bliss
that seemed as if
it would go on and on
but now you're gone

and all that used to be
becomes so bittersweet
within these memories
that haunt and tease
without remorse
or any satiation

that I cannot sleep
nor dream those dreams
that used to mean it all
as I feel the fall begin again
for I simply can't amend
anything I cannot touch
and your heart is closed to me

but then the rush
oh God, free falling
fantasies of ecstasy
where down becomes
the one ascent that's left
within these arms bereft
of any company

and I wonder, wander
hoping for a clue
to end this hopeless mood
of used to be
to seek for hints of anything
the future might still hold
for one as lone as me . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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