What We Know As Real

What will it take to find the way
to you and I within the day…?
What is the secret recipe
that creates a new reality…?

where love is the priority
all else an impropriety
as you and I at last become
the essence of the freedom won

in thought, in vision, brought to form
as every new tomorrow's born
within the touch, within the feel
of what we know as real

beyond frustrations of the crowd
if but once, we cry aloud
of love and all the meaning found
within the hearts that finally found

a way to bring their dream into
this world, this mind, this awesome view
of separation overcome
as two hearts become one

Intimate, the knowledge shared
growing as we dare to care
for what some would consider small
within the vastness of it all

yet one small seed will grow to be
the towering limbs of a mighty tree
that spans both time and space
to grow within the grace

that we call love…

? Michaelette ?

Copyrightc 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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