When Spirit Leads

Spirits fly within a dream
seeking loving streams of energy
enter now, the base sublimity
existing just to intermesh
the spirit with the flesh

in darkness of these ebony skies
deeply, we imagine that we are
at one
but then we wake to find
that still, we are alone

and a feeling, so forlorn
becomes the loneliness
of one alone again
even as it tears an opening
straight into a heart that bleeds
within a mesmerizing, rhythmic motion

and then, within this night of one alone
amazingly, a tone rings out
pure and clear
its vibrations drawing near
awakening a dream within a dream
that comes to be
within the realms of our awareness

Vulnerable, at first as if
an open wound were aching
yet if we breathe right into it
this wounded heart, forsaken
will find the strength to heal
all the many wounds
of life's inscrutability

and then a feeling, free
will arise to overtake
the solemn wake
of our remembering
as spirit takes the lead
and all the energy
descending into loneliness
ascends yet once again

this time to blend in harmony
the lowest and the highest
into all that's in between . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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