Where Safety Dwells

I am safe
for ill will never find me here
and still, the birth of all eternity
is calling out to me
for its awareness

and I must answer
while centered in this matrix
of all understanding
for I command this flow
of words and of emotion

while a seed of wholeness
found buried deep inside of me
with nurturance begins to grow
into an everlasting font

that flowers endlessly
in this beauty of an art
that only love can bring
into awareness

for wisdom is conceived
in the heart of femininity
and brought then, to each peak
within a masculine continuance
that ever seeks to penetrate
the moisture of the womb
of all creation

and it is only in concatenation
its blending and its mix
that the dreams of all eternity
are allowed a shape and form
within this life of breath
that is reality in motion

I feel each breeze
that passes through
and speak its words of truth
within becoming
as it merges and it blends
all the beginnings in an end
that only can begin again

in cycles ever opening and closing
of spirals leading in and out
and then beyond
while centered here within
an endless variation
of the rhythm that beats heart
into all life

where safety dwells
in a motion
and a ripple
of the wind
upon this sea
of all that is . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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