Whispered Promises

A long, long time ago
you said you would return
and the fire in my heart
still burns for thee
while waiting has become
a span of long and lonely years
without you here
years of fiction and of fantasy
but love lives on

Other lovers now
have come and gone
yet never one
who dared to take your place
until just recently
but a feeling of disharmony
arises here within
these memories of you
even as the morning dew
is dissipated by the sun

Another one
How can it be?
when long ago we pledged
our hearts for all eternity
Is it right to let
this new love supercede
what we once knew?

I hear a whisper in reply
as the wind sighs out a lullaby
"Yes, my love
for you and I will always be
together in a greater heart
no matter paths of destiny
that keep us far apart

and love must grow
even as we grow old
before it fades away
within these days and nights
of seemingly unending separation . . ."
and the whisper fades away
while the wind upon my skin
caresses every tear away

A long, long time ago
you said you would return
but now I find
you never left
at all . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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