White Lotus

A particle of light
invaded his system
and beyond his will or knowledge
it moved him through and through
lighting a way wherever it went
creating, becoming a path
that it might enjoin a ray
within its movement's wave
and shine into infinity

attracting like to like
its particles reformed
the very channels that became
a new and living pattern
of soul in life and time
threads that touch
and in their touch
can come to know eternity

It seemed as if a seed
implanted long ago
had the sudden urge to grow
into awareness

All it took
was just one particle of light
to catalyze the coming birth
of pure white form
and brightness blossoms now
in pearly soft and satin petals
reaching out to know the sun

Form of unadulterated beauty
this glowing whiteness of a lotus flower
ever growing wild
as it floats and gently grows
upon the pond


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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