White on White - A Unicorn

One unicorn of whitest white
flies even now upon these winds
that bring the winters' storms
within a golden glow
of starlight streaming, dreaming
of its place within reality
just when its golden horn
grows brighter in the morn
of our completion
as love flows through
the everything we are

Light, pure light
oh, magic in the making
takes us once again into
these mists of bliss
that imagine all that is
into the multi-colored forms
of every shade of being

Ra, oh ancient God of ever-dawn
cast your mighty spell yet once again
as you descend into these particles of flesh
that Isis ever moves into pure being
for the vastness of all desert sands
are shifting once again
as we seek and find the meaning
held and yet concealed within
this new millennium

For there, a cloud
one cloud that seems to speak
in utter being
sheds its tears upon a desert
brought to life again
within a clarity of seeing
that flowers into morning light
in a sense of all awakening

Because one unicorn
oh, purest white on white
now dares to take again to flight
blending all the colors of the dawn
to move itself entirely
through all eternity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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