Whole To Whole

What good even love . . . ?
if it never becomes real
real enough to touch, to feel
to reel our senses back into
the bliss of all that is

What can we be . . . ?
in essence of reality
if not this flesh
that lives and breathes
in sync with all that's natural

particle by particle
as all we are begins to feel
the real yet once again
within a sense of vast sensation
that ever comes to be the known
of all reality

so, gently, gently
stroke my hair, my brow, my ear
tenderly embrace the tears
that rise only to fall upon it all
and fly with me into those realms
of purest pleasure once again
where one touch can mean so much
as just one kiss becomes
an endless bliss with thee

For what was once
no more than just surreal
becomes again the essence
of all known reality
within the touch of one totality
that dares to reach now for an other;
for half to half just cannot be
the gist of one reality

yet whole to whole
we reach beyond
and touch infinity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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