Who We Are

Blind beliefs must rise up to the surface
if ever hope shall come to be
once again the best of all realities
for hope is based in living love
imagining all form into its being

Yet we must become aware
of who we are
step by step, in increments
to come to find a pleasant space
in the center of it all -
all that we have built our lives upon

and choose then, exponentially
just who we want to be as we go on
and too, what path will lead us there
beyond the pain and helpless memories
for we must learn to see again
more clearly than we've ever seen before

connections and relationships
then become the golden key of our release
in never-ending threads of continuity
that weave and cross to blend within
a personal yet universal tapestry of being

Complex, the many layers of reality
that we all base our lives upon
yet simple, too
the underlying nature of it all
that simply flows in cyclic motion
as we dream of all reality
in and out of every chosen form

Uncannily invisible at will
these weaves of life in constant flow
within a greater ocean
full of vital energy

the many variations of its form
every angle a new holographic vision
yet still somehow we manage to be born
in ceaseless rounds of love's imagining
to grow without unraveling it all

while the call has come for change
deep and poignantly compelling yet again
while we must somehow rearrange
all that we once thought ourselves to be
for what was preconceived
is lost within an ocean of unknowns
and dreams cannot be grown within
an atmosphere contaminated
by any substance born of fear's belief

for these dreams are born
of light and love
in each and every moment of reality
as we live the in between
of who we are . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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