Why couldn't you just
let me love you
and love me in return?
I still can't understand
how it was your mind demanded
something else instead

or why you chose
and still you choose
to make your bed just there
when your soul cries out
to rise above the pain
you endlessly create
to find the way
to an unending love of all

and I wonder how
you sleep at night
when all that once was right
has gone so wrong
within the song
of your unmaking

when there
within your heart
the music waits
to be reborn anew

while you reject
this love that could be true
if only you would let it flow
once more

but instead I'm left
to question why
for you refuse to answer
and so I drift
within these endless skies
where stars are born
and spirit flies

yet still, you are not there
even as your eyes appear
in haunting visions
of the love
that we once shared


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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