Wild and Free

If I allow myself the taste
of your sweet lips
does heaven await me there
as I climb the endless stairs
to who I am?

yet I am the night
and the stars that burn so bright
within your eyes

and you come to me
so wild and free
and yet content somehow
to drink of endless possibilities

and my spirit, always wise
would have it so
while passions of the flesh
would dare to intermesh
within this storm

of forever being born
within my heart

and I am free
beyond the bonds of birth
where time and space erase
my ancestry

and so I choose to fly
within the endless skies
of the unknown

for I must follow love
no matter where it leads
and it leads me now
as echoes in the night winds call
to you


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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