Wild Clover

Opening my eyes I see
another sunrise breaking free
Soft blue skies reveal the light
meeting with the endless night

Time for movement once again
but this time minus pain
Beyond the trees of the sacred vale
begins another tale

as pines trees in a magic forest seen
beckon me within the dream
up o'er a rough and rocky trail
on the steep incline, inhale

the clear, sweet air of mountains high
touching clouds within the sky
to find a small path running through
the layered pines that block the view

The scent, the sight, the sound are one
totality beneath the sun
Scent of pine and shade serene
fill my being with the dream

of every mortal ever born
to rise to heaven in our form
I ask the earth to aid my quest
and feel myself possessed

of a strength I never knew before
as I venture through the open door
formed by trees of green against the sky
to find the tundra open wide

carpeted in every hue
of rainbow tints - wildflowers grew
and the scent of sweetest wild clover
fills the air to cover over


Copyright 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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