Listen to the wind!
It sings beyond imagining
into the realm of magic
making chances
that are rarely taken seriously
yet someone must defend
this air we breathe
that feeds the leaves of trees
with the ultimate of songs

It blows
in movements billowing
the clouds into existence
even as it takes the dust
and scatters it o'er seeds
that bleed into the earth
birthing every flower
into beatific form

and it brings the spring
into the brightest days of being
happy just to move
and move along
this song of life that rushes
through the veins of everything

It carries and creates each tone
that is, in turn, vibration
and vibration rearranges
single notes into a living harmony
nurturing each seed
within this ever-growing transformation

yet even flowers, grown to life
within their opening
still seek to find a way back home
there, within a wave of light
just as a sunbeam enters in
to the very center of it all

while the wind just sings
even the momentary things
seemingly so transient
back into the stream
of life yet once again . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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