Winter Storms

Snowflakes, crystal diadems
in a crown of glory shine
in sunbeams rays
to open up the days
that seem to grow too short

Stark beauty of fire and ice
as the light is refracted
in the myriad facets
of brightness in the hues
of life's unfolding

as numbness, winter's gift
just steals the pain away
Reflective now, these winter days
the world of warmth in incubation

In its silence, soul may speak
and finally be heard
a melody, a trill of rising sound
familiar in the inner rounds

In a rhythmed pace
of hearts in quietude
and in this peaceful mood
love is revealed

in everything that's real
while its warmth
within each heart
keeps us alive

through the storms
of ice and wind
that winter sends
into our lives . . .


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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