Wisdom of Age

A candle in a window
burning in the endless night
became the focus of my sight
as the icy tundra
bled the life from me

One foot and then the other
extending, I moved on
upon this vast horizon
composed of ice and intellect
refusing to dissect
the most essential core
of who I am

and light met light
within that dark night of the soul
reflection of a recognition
of myself alone

Time hung suspended then
as foot to path, I made amends
for errant steps of past insanity
and all eternity seemed poised
awaiting my decision

Choose I did
and I chose the fire of life
above, beneath the endless strife
of society's vast incongruity

while there awaiting my arrival
was the hearth and warmth of home
and the image then arising
took me past each compromise of mind

while there, awaiting my arrival stood
gray-haired and bent, yet vital still
archetypal form of feminine
born of the wisdom of each heart

Fire in the hearth of home
warm brew to bring all colors
surging back into my life
and love, oh love
so unconditional and free

All this she gave to me
this lovely, loving crone
that the herd had rejected
never suspecting the power that lay
so silently within

for the reality of power lies
within a heart grown wise
through eons of the mind's disguise
and she shared this mystery with me

Wonder of all wonders
heat within the cold
for every heart so bold
that dares to be
within the flow of love
and ecstasy of its creation


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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