Within the Light

There are those who live
from crisis to crisis
as if all life were meant to be
lived on the edge of sanity

so that when calm at last descends
they know not what to do
and seek another crisis to amend
the inner battles spirit sends
to draw them deep inside

but they fear the other side
of day's demise
for they can't control the tides
of emotions running deep
through channels that would keep

them rushing straight
upon a course of death
tunneling through miasma
of the mind only to find

a one-way street
where in the end they meet
just what they tried in earnest to avoid
for sooner or later the other side
breaks through

and then, no matter what they do
the shadows take control
for the task of life lies in becoming whole
and no matter the road that we travel
each part of us will have its say
as every particle demands its day
within the light


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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