Within the Mist

A mist hangs o'er the trees on the horizon
a backdrop to the beauty of clarity
painted now by some great artist's hand
as the sun provides a glowing atmosphere
and the steeple of the church stands clear
starkly naked there against the sky

and I wonder why
a simple cross
in a point of two dimensions meeting
has brought such pain
into the world of man

It seems so harmless
when beheld at a distance
Two simple pieces, all of a kind
that meet in the middle

Why is it that we think
the form of grace we're granted
must in the end be crucified
by that?

when truly, we may grow
in graceful curve and flow
just like the branches of a tree
that sway in symmetry

and reaching out in sweet simplicity
open out and touch infinity
and they would share their secret magic
with all who care to know

and all who dare to show
that nature's wrath
creates pure beauty in the aftermath
of form


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano (8/24/99)                   Take Me Home...