Within the Mists

So many are content
to live in memory
of days when love was real
afraid to know the feel
yet once again

of emotion flowing free
through bones and sinew, veins
and thus they will remain
within the lonely void
they have created

for they never took the time to mend
hearts broken in the aftermath
of love gone bad
so they remain imprisoned by the pain
but in memories of days gone by retain
the longing for a love that's true

for love's fire will not be tamed
nor smothered by the tears
they have not cried
or the anger they denied

no, love lives on
no matter willed enclosures of the heart
and I wonder when humanity will start
to love again
wild and free
at the frontier of all eternity

They say it starts with one
and I know that I've begun
the trek along the path to take me home
but the path is long and winding
and sometimes I feel so all alone

drifting through the mists
in search of my true home
where love is never separated
from the rest of life

at times, a numbness steals o'er me
allowing me to see so very clear
how emotions far and near
envelop me and keep me down

yet even then, my soul insists
I walk this path within the mists
of loving timelessness


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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