Within This Distance

Across all distance, love survives
in fact and in the feel of all we are
just as a star once really seen and known
within the nighttime sky forever feels
the wonder of the life we live in time
and learns that looking up can be
as full of fantasy and ecstasy
as looking down

And we go on, but now with twinkling
starlight shining from these endless eyes
with visions rising, falling round
and all about just who we are
as if that distant star had somehow lent
its majesty to us and we, in turn, our being
as cyclic waves forever moving
became its shining form there up on high

At first the feel of dizzy heights confuses
yet still, we're grounded here by earth herself
and watch the sun alight upon her breast
through endless days and nights of longing
reaching, then becoming, its very opposite in sight
for darkness matters, and matter in itself
no longer wishes to remain within the dark
of its unknowing attitudes

Just then, the distance in between
begins to speak the need of destiny
and we progress, a step at a time
or better yet, o'er flights in dancing waves
of love's adherence to this flesh
in a rush that moves
the living composition of it all
as we rise and fall
to become the very center
of this heart that beats
the meaning all life

and we work our way beyond the strife
of alien attitudes - for they have yet to find
this light that shines through time and space
in secret and yet innocent embrace
when all we are becomes another chance
to dance this dance of love in motion
as we drink a magic potion of continuance
that moves beyond the habits
of all known society
in intimate moments composed of pure love
that rise above all ordinary sense
of life's experience

For within this distance, love survives and more
it lives and breathes with every beat of heart
that moves - becoming threads that are composed
of so much more than gossamer, and yet
could not exist without the magic held
within all being and its elements
that burn and breathe and swim to reach
these shores of paradise, yet more

Because the doors and windows that protect
our flesh from all the elements of winter's fall
bequeath such great inheritance of warmth
that ice begins to melt, now brought beyond
the realms of poles that mean no more
than just extremity become a norm
of those who've yet to reach for living light

And so we move and plan and plead
in a nimbus of security - to keep this love alive
for it is the base of all that's meaningful
still insisting on the course of its endurance
and then, just then, when hope seems to elude
you come to me, o'er waves of air
and threads of life and energy
that simply supercede complexity
to fill the void of emptiness
so many hearts have held to be the truth

'Tis then I know, beyond all doubt
this love is true
no matter the distance
or time now involved
for love evolves
within these endless hearts of ours
now joined in unity and ever free to be
just what we bring into reality of form . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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