Within This Night

Alone, awake within this night
that knows not of tomorrow
a sense of sweetest sorrow
drifts to me upon the winds
of magic's making

as something here within
this form, this mind, will spin
a web, a weave of endless fantasy
reborn in time

while these words try to express
emotions that impress
endless visions born within the mind
bound within this layered life in time
beneath the endless stress
of right and wrong

I sense a spirit, now reborn
just settling within its form
It's calling out to me
and I wonder what will truly be
brought down to this reality of form

as light of dawn
in sleeplessness draws near
while the starry skies
and the moon that shines so bright
awaken longing
of the spirit and the flesh
to live and love
right here and now
within this night divine


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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