Within Totality

He succumbed to love
for one eternal moment
after all was said and done
no matter all the promises he'd made
for the power of his will
just could not match
the essence of this power
reaching down and reaching out
as yet another realization dawned

because he'd built his life upon beliefs
that were conceived in times gone by
by other hearts and other minds
not knowing that the games they played
could never be for keeps
but mere untruths that were conceived
in a society that lived without this love

They felt and then withdrew
and told themselves that mind alone
could build a life pristine and beautiful
yet below the threshold of all mind
still beats the heart of all sublimity

They ranted and they raged
against the fate that made them feel
seeking only further separation
from the truth of their emotion
but now the time had come
and enchanting feelings thrummed
in a mysterious beat

Powerful yet sweet
vibrations from a movement beyond time
and a soft and silent glow arose
permeating mass
as a thunderous, rushing roar began to grow
unhindered by the attitudes of mind
for the cold of ice
was reaching out to find
its opposite in heat sublime
meeting its completion at ground zero

All this because one particle
of love broke through
the round of their defensiveness
and this opening became the door
that led to shores of paradise eternal
if only he might make the trip unhindered

and through the heat of this inferno
he traveled on a luminescent trail
for he sought a new adventure
within a twist, around a turn
angling just so
ready to explore the broad expanse
of facets now aglow with living light

and the light responded
to the power of his want and need
as he stepped beyond the bonds
of recognition
while within each motion
love began to grow
into a mighty rushing stream
the source and sustenance
of every dream that might come true

Now building
from this deep of great emotion
a tidal wave began to form a flow
yet it still lay beneath, below
the known of mind
and he had reached a point of no return
to find himself within a centered stillness
of sublimity that rests
between each mortal breath of air

or perhaps it was that he'd become
a simple particle that moved
mere point within these waves
of great emotion opening out
to reach and touch the light of day
as darkness joined the interplay
of particles of living light

Just then, he took another breath
and time seemingly resumed
its course of only linear motion
while still unknown to mind
a tidal wave began to crash
on a far-off rocky shore
where cliffs and sand
received its reprimand

yet still they stand
and so does he
feeling somewhat ill at ease
for somewhere deep inside he knew
the day would come when he must face
this might of all creation
and do more than just survive

so he sought to find a way
to enhance, revise and multiply
the feeling of that one eternal moment
when he loved in all awareness
and this love was known to him
in its totality . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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