Within Your Heart

Open the door
and see the walls dissolve
those walls of fear
constructed out of time
as the feel of weight
and fear's constriction
just fades away to nothingness

Step lightly now
through mists that rise
o'er meadows on this earthen plane
and know the rays of sun
that shine right through
prisms of the nighttime's dew
that nurture all new growing beings
bringing flight to gentle landing
and finally freeing heart to love
the wonder of it all

Just open that door
inside of you
and dare to take
those trembling steps
and you will come to find
the strength and wonder of all life
become entirely alive
within your heart
as you learn to walk
anew yet once again

Now experience
how love's reflection
begins and ends in you
as heart begins to beat
within the steady rhythms
of this earth we love so much
and begin to fill this world
with all the tender gentleness
that true love brings . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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