Word of Mouth

I don't really want forever
for all I wish is this
just one eternal moment
of pure bliss

that repeats itself
so endlessly within vibration
that it becomes the rhythm
beating in and out and through
the me of you

no matter thought
or staid belief
I simply reach
for the relief
of ecstasy

and as I open up my hand
to place it within yours
it comes to play
within the flow
of this touch of words
that know no limitation

for the power of creation
must begin and end again
by word of mouth
that is engaged to heart
and in energy that flows
at times through hands

and now can be sent out
by tongue and mouth
through all of flesh
to express
this mighty power of creation

that intermeshes all that is
within this net divine
and speaks of love
that flows above, below
and then right through
our hearts

carried on the endless winds
that eternally bring love to life
in each response that travels
across the net, within this web
and yet once more
back home again to us . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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