Yet Another Day

Sorrow lingers in the air
longing for expression
while a heart within a lady fair
longs for love's impression

for really, what can life become
for one who is alone
when emptiness precedes the sun
and keeps us from our home

when words cannot be found to ease
burdens of the heart and mind
and everywhere we find dis-ease
no touch to warm, to love in kind

When night falls hard and dark and cruel
and seeking, all we find is pain
while emptiness becomes the truth
beneath the stress and strain

imposed by those who say they care
yet wound us with disheartened tones
not taking time to feel, to care
when we find that we are still alone

for their sorrow lingers in the air
longing for release
into the light, now made aware
and sleep at last brings peace

to troubled souls
to ease the night away
while dreams untold
bring strength to wake
to yet another day

? Michaelette?

Copyrightc 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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