You Never Knew

I just want to love
and be loved in return
Is that so much to ask?
but this seems to be a task
that lies beyond the mind of man
for most men seem to think
that mind is everything
Or is that only you . . . ?

What then of each mother
who cradles her child
in gentle tenderness?

or again of a lover
that seeks in an other
the bliss that's born
of gentle lips
that kiss the dark away?

and pray tell
what will your daughter now become
within these webs you've spun
of mind alone?

as she teeters on your tones of solitude
and totters as she feels your every mood
still unexpressed
while you turn your back as if to say
emotions must be left
for yet another day of night's denial

I pity those you claim to love
even as I claim the right
to love myself in all the ways
you never came
to know at all . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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